Anya (msmiss) wrote,

Emergency help needed ASAP: Possibly injured Mourning Dove stranded on our balcony!!!

There’s a poor, dear Mourning Dove that’s been on my balcony since earlier tonight (while cooking a late dinner, I first noticed what sounded like a “bump” and then followed by winged flapping sounds around 8-9pm-ish when I went to open the sliding glass door to out balcony to offset some accumulated smoke from the stove (yeah, I don’t cook meat unless I’m feeling especially lovey-dovey - no pun intended - towards my husband).
Anyways, the sweet little thing looks OK but since it’s dark outside and we’ve only got a dinky piece of crap flashlight, it’s pretty hard tell if something less obvious is wrong. It seems to able to flap it’s wings around since it does so when surprised/disturbed but I suppose that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not injured. It’s situated in a small space between the HVAC radiator coils which sits outside on the balcony (as opposed to the other part of HVAC situated inside the balcony closet) and the far right wall of balcony. My very rough guesstimation of said space is approximately 1 ½’ X 2 ½’ to 3’. Basically, it’s a rather snug squeeze to get behind the fan coil to where the bird is and one can’t see it from anywhere else on the balcony unless one is to go behind said radiator. WHAT DO I DO??? I mean, doves (or most any birds, for that matter) don’t normally just “squat” on concrete flooring without something of a nest to roost in. And even if it was roosting, wouldn’t the bird at least fly away when startled or scared by us coming within a 2 feet from it? Unless, however, it is sick or injured, which I’m thinking it must be. Please help. Who can I contact in my area (Virginia) that can rehabilitate it (if need be) without euthanizing it?! I don’t want to call Animal Control (or my building’s management) for those exact reasons. Any advise? Any reputable animal welfare leagues who work with city birds such as pigeons, Mourning Doves, etc. and not just the rare endangered bird species such as eagles and other raptors? I know VA has some weird laws regarding wildlife captured on ones property and if one traps an animal, they must kill it, and the same with an injured animal found on property.

Somebody - please advise me what to do!
Tags: 2014, balcony, birds, fail, friends, help, home, life, mya kvatriya, nature, need advise, october, octobrrrrr, problems, public, wildlife, worries, wtf?!
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