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LuxoMafia - A 60 Minutes segment from a few weeks ago touching upon the monopolization of brand name eyewear independents being swallowed up by Italian mega corporation, Luxottica, who produce all everything from Ray Ban's to Gucci to Tiffany to COACH, plus owning the entirety of whats sold at Sunglass Hut (and the actual entity itself), the 2nd largest eye insurance company in N. America, Target vision, etc. etc. Just another example of corporate monopolization.

Seriously, for a long time now I've been wondering why so many sunnies I try on in the store these past few years, all seem vaguely similar to one another no matter the brand or style.

Now I know (and why they're all out the ass expensive).
Tags: 2012, biz, eyeware, fashion + style, italian, news, novemburrrrr, report, video, wtf?!
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